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"... soloist Ryan Anthony brought the house down in a 'Gershwin Valentine'. Anthony owned 'Rhapsody in Blue,' where his instrument made the more familiar piano version seem a tad tame.... I can safely say that this is probably the only time I'll be able to write about a trumpet being sexy, poignant, lyrical and downright fun. Anthony made the instrument heartbreakingly romantic... and sent a lot of couples home with love in the air."


Durango Herald, Durango (CO) - Ann Butler


"Arutunian's concerto, from 1950, has become a gem in the standard repertory for solo trumpet and orchestra. And think of it as a vehicle for showing off the many sides of Anthony's talent: Big, technically flashy and powerful sounds alternate with those of a more seductive, lyrical bent. Anthony made each of many diverse sections come to life in just the right way. He smiled and almost danced to more upbeat sections, reflecting a genuine joy for music making that came out in his playing."


Winston-Salem Journal, Winston-Salem (NC) - Ken Keuffel


"Anthony crisply articulated each and every note. He tackled both the high flying, technically demanding passages and the flowing, andante themes with aplomb and pizzaz. His energy was impressive, prompting more than one hushed 'wow' during the concerto's cadenzas."


The Repository, Canton (OH) - Emily Weidenhamer


"Anthony's exhilarating set... bedazzled concertgoers... If his concert debut as a career soloist was any indication, he may have plenty of work in the future."


The Commercial Appeal, Memphis (TN) - Christopher Blank


"There must be other trumpeters in this world as fine as Ryan Anthony..., but you'd never think so while listening to him play..."


Fanfare Magazine, Vol. 22 #1 - James North


"He played with clear, bright sound and a wonderful sense of legato. You do not often think of the trumpet as sustaining a singing line like a violin or a human voice, but Anthony is able to accomplish this. He also displayed plenty of agility."


Plain Dealer, Cleveland (OH) Robert Finn


"Anthony's got the technique and showmanship to get beyond the notes and show the trumpet's many dimensions. In his hands, the horn gets beyond the stereotype to become a mouthpiece for the composer's voice and performer's personality."


Commercial Appeal, Memphis (TN) Whitney Smith


"Ryan was undaunted by the demands, traversing the vast range and technical obstacles with enormous strength, flexibility and sensitivity."


Plain Dealer, Cleveland (OH) Donald Rosenberg


"The concert was punctuated by silvery-sweet piccolo trumpet solos."


Beacon Journal, Akron (OH) Elaine Guregian


"Taking center stage and stunning all with his performance was trumpeter Ryan Anthony. He electrified all and wanting more, a thunderous applauding crowd brought him back with an encore, an absolutely fiery, high-flung virtuoso piece. Exquisite!"


Memphis Tri-State Defender, Sharon Dobbins


"[Donald] Erb's piece, 'Dance You Monster to My Soft Song,' takes its fanciful title from a painting by Paul Klee. But it could be more aptly named, 'Trills and Timbres for a Terrific Trumpeter.'"


Cleveland Plain Dealer



His contribution to Canadian Brass according to the press...


"Ryan Anthony played with a golden evocative tone."


The Washington Post, Alan Greenblatt


"Young trumpeter added both flash and class to the (Canadian Brass) ensemble. Ryan Anthony played with big-city charisma."


The Gazette, Montreal Quebec - Arthur Kaptainis


"On more than one occasion, Anthony blew me away, not by playing loud or high, but by impeccable control. The finale was terrific, with out-of-this world piccolo trumpet playing by Anthony."


The Post-Standard, Syracuse (NY) John Johnson


"...a highly competitive trumpet showpiece for Ryan Anthony brought the concert to a satisfying conclusion."


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sarah Bryan Miller


"The fiery trumpet of Ryan Anthony provided a wildly improvised melodic line, a triumph of both musicianship and imagination."


Spokane Spokesman, Jim Kershner


"...the skill of Ryan Anthony is beyond doubt, and (he) brought a tremendous spirit and finesse to the concert."


Buffalo News, Mary Krutz


"Ryan Anthony...brought youthful vigor and virtuosity to the ensemble (Canadian Brass) ensemble... (with) gorgeous tone and agile virtuosity on trumpet and flugelhorn."


Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florence Fisher


"As always, trumpeter Ryan Anthony...has the zest of a performer sure of what to do and how to make the best effect."


Denver Post, Glen Giffin


"Ryan Anthony...has more than just a command of the various styles on the program, (he) has an obvious love for them."


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Elaine Schmidt


"The Beatles medley featured a wonderful solo in Penny Lane, and Anthony's fabulous baroque-style cadenza on piccolo trumpet in which he pulled notes out of the stratosphere."


Edmonton Journal, Bill Franklin


"Ryan Anthony is a virtuoso who loves to play and interact with the audience. The Beatles "Penny Lane" provided an opportunity for Ryan Anthony to play the pants off a piccolo trumpet."


Greensboro News & Record, Tim Lindeman


"Each listener got some delight up his or her musical alley: Anthony's piccolo trumpet high notes and curlicues in baroque pieces to the Beatles' Penny Lane".


Richmond Times-Dispatch, Clarke Bustard


"But...Ryan Anthony on trumpet (was) equally dashing, (he) stole the show with obvious enjoyment of music-making and by his personification of the group's relaxed audience rapport. Anthony's flugelhorn was smooth and liquid."


Boulder Daily Camera, Sabine Kortals


"Ryan Anthony is a worthy artist capable of dazzling solo feats, as (he) demonstrated each and severally throughout the program."


Kansas Manhattan Mercury


"Anthony made short order of even the most difficult of showy runs and produced wonderfully pure high notes. "


The Winnipeg Free Press


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